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I work in the shadows, casting visions and summoning imagination
with pretty words, for the souls that tremble in frustration.
I appear when I am needed, and must leave although I am wanted.
I am the bolt of lightning that cracks at the feet of those who run out of steam,
spurring them on with a voice as loud as distant thunder.
I sit with the wielders of the pen, brush, lens and chisel,
always behind them, teaching them how to spark,
fanning their thoughts into a blaze.
They shall never see me.
For I cast their Shadows upon them so they may see their size
as I expel the shadows of fear, to guide their way.
I am the Light.
I am the Muse.
And undiscovered I shall stay.
:iconundiscoveredmuse:UndiscoveredMuse 11 1
Where I Go
I’ll be here today. But I can’t promise tomorrow.
Sensations of your touches fade, like droplets drying in the rising day.
The song of your laughter trickles along the crevices of my mind,
slipping through the cracks, pooling in the deepest wells of my heart.
Too deep for me to reach.
Together we had sewn moments between us into one happy memory, creating patterns of familiarity,
cloaking my sadness with warmth, soothing the stings of old wounds.
I pray it will always do the same for you.
No matter how much I need you, I fear the day fate needs me to be somewhere else.
There may come a time where the wind will whisk me away, away from you and all that I once knew.
I just hope that you keep the memory of me beside you,
so no matter where I go…
I’ll know I never truly left you.
:iconundiscoveredmuse:UndiscoveredMuse 13 5
A Little Longer
My heaviest thought,
My deepest fear,
is that the few years I spend away
is worth all you have left.
That leaving you for a moment
will cost me a lifetime.
That I go for a while
with the price of forever
hanging over our heads
never meeting again.
I see the sadness in your eyes
when I say 'I have to go'.
I notice the twitch of your mouth
as you hide it behind your embrace.
I hear the hope in your voice
when you ask how long I'll be.
You and I both try to ignore
the hourglass sitting in the back,
hoping we'll both make it till another 'next time'
before it runs out.
I'm begging to the Heavens
that you'll keep holding on.
Praying that the last time we sang together isn't our finale.
That your curtain call is incomplete
because I wasn't there
when you wanted me to be.
If you ever move on to that better place,
just know that I'll be waiting too,
since no plane or car can get me to you then.
Until the day comes when I wish you were still here
the one thing I'll want till then
is that we'll
:iconundiscoveredmuse:UndiscoveredMuse 10 2
I should've known
I wouldn't hold.
I couldn't stay like this forever.
For years I tried
to muffle my cries,
trying to keep myself together.
How did I think
I wouldn't sink
And be on the brink of my limits?
I slip too fast
into my past
my body still, but mind relives it.
No one can know
the secrets stowed,
Chained with heavy silence.
Distracting every gaze,
hiding all my pain
by veiling it with nonsense.
They think that I
am always high
like no part of me is aching.
They're love is my drug,
when they go I'm stuck
remembering that I'm breaking.
I take a step,
proud of every breath,
happy I can still survive.
As long as family
keeps on loving me,
I have the will to stay alive.
:iconundiscoveredmuse:UndiscoveredMuse 9 4
The Weatherwolf (Casey's OC) by UndiscoveredMuse The Weatherwolf (Casey's OC) :iconundiscoveredmuse:UndiscoveredMuse 0 1 Warm up sketch (hamster) by UndiscoveredMuse Warm up sketch (hamster) :iconundiscoveredmuse:UndiscoveredMuse 4 0 Croatoan (group shot) by UndiscoveredMuse Croatoan (group shot) :iconundiscoveredmuse:UndiscoveredMuse 1 0 Croatoan by UndiscoveredMuse Croatoan :iconundiscoveredmuse:UndiscoveredMuse 4 3 Croatoan (arm shot) by UndiscoveredMuse Croatoan (arm shot) :iconundiscoveredmuse:UndiscoveredMuse 7 3
She twinkled amongst many.
There were others bigger than her.
Brighter than her.
Exploding with colors more splendid than hers.
She drifted amongst a society of constellations.
Nothing more than part a bigger picture,
that no one could single out in the infinite expanse of beauty.
But to him, she was the sun.
She was the one that dimmed all of the other stars so immensely
that she was the only one he saw in the day,
and the one he looked forward to seeing again when the night came.
She was the warmth he cherished
as her smile thawed his icy exterior.
The light he would look for as the storms thundered in.
She was the force of nature that could bring him to his knees,
Or compel him to wake and rise to his feet.
Everything he knew revolved around her,
as it should, for she was charmingly magnetic.
But she would never know,
for he revolved around someone else.
She cried, because she is a sun.
She blinded those who saw her for what she was.
Burnt those who came too close.
Poisoned those wh
:iconundiscoveredmuse:UndiscoveredMuse 17 7
Silent by the Grave
Silent, a hundred people are.
Solemnly over a hundred graves they stand.
Not a single word is uttered, heads bowed,
respects already paid.
Slowly, a hundred coffins descend.
Rain compensating for unshed tears.
Thunder replaces unheard cries,
roaring in denial and rage.
Deafening, a hundred souls are.
Six feet deep, their bodies laid to rest.
Silent crying they will remain.
Forever grieving they will stay.
:iconundiscoveredmuse:UndiscoveredMuse 18 14
One Way Bargain
Please do come closer, dearie.
Why are you so shy?
I mean no harm, dear truly.
Ignore the twinkle in my eye.
I hear that you're unhappy,
got problems all the way up to your ears.
Perhaps I may be of service,
should you want them to disappear.
Tell me what you wish for.
I'm not a genie, do know that.
Nor am I a mere magician,
that pulls bunnies out of hats.
I am something far more greater,
long buried secrets do I know.
I can grant your deepest yearnings,
if that is the path you wish to go.
I am something of a merchant,
in order to give I surely take.
For what I do is nothing simple,
hence there is a cost that all must pay.
Don't fret, I don't want money!
In fact you may have a couple of my chests.
All I ask for is a humble promise,
that you will honor my requests.
But be warned, my dearie.
What you want doesn't always mean,
it won't change things for the better
for it may not be what you need.
T'is a good deal I offer, dearie.
I extend my hand for you to shake.
Take it, what have you t
:iconundiscoveredmuse:UndiscoveredMuse 18 9
Listen closely and you will hear,
The thoughts that I have never said,
The hushed whispers with every heartbeat.
The shadows cackling in my head.
All my sinews are laced with secrets,
binding my body to my soul.
Tell me, is it truly worth it,
leaving so much truth untold?
I'm not going to point fingers,
because they say I'm the one to blame.
But I'm sure I'd hate myself a little less
if I found another way to bleed my shame.
And so I beg you, listen.
Whether you care or not for me.
I just need someone to hear my voice,
So that I may set my spirit free.
:iconundiscoveredmuse:UndiscoveredMuse 16 15
Toothiana the Zashiki-Warashi by UndiscoveredMuse Toothiana the Zashiki-Warashi :iconundiscoveredmuse:UndiscoveredMuse 1 0
Recovery of an Artist
I was stuck with a sickness called Depression.
It had become really severe.
It's dangerously contagious.
It spreads by catching fear.
I heard some people cannot fight it.
So they hurt themselves inside and out.
It's one of the symptoms that shows it's winning,
forgetting what Life is all about.
It starts with Doubt beginning to clot your Confidence,
blocking Love from flowing round.
Hate spreads in your lungs till it's all you breathe,
exhaling painful words out of your mouth.
You start to think your worthless.
Think your existence is a waste.
But I   managed to stand steady.
There was enough love around me to fight the pain.
Since no one knew of my secret illness,
I sought my own release.
A way that did not consist of scars and teardrops,
such things would haunt me in my sleep.
I needed a way to cleanse my spirit,
to stop dragging myself down.
I wanted to be like all those hopeful dreamers,
who I watched soar above me as I drowned.
Slowly, I fought the demons inside me.
A mighty
:iconundiscoveredmuse:UndiscoveredMuse 26 13
If the Hands of Time were Mine
If I held time in my grasp,
I wonder what I'd do.
Would I run back down memory lane,
And change the damage made?
Would I alter the choices that bereaved my heart?
Would I spend more time with those whom I love,
Knowing how fast their lives slip away grain by grain?
Flip the hourglass around, do it all over again?
Would I undo every regretful mistake,
turn myself into the perfect person I wanted to be?
Free from disappointment and failure.
Would I risk what I am for what I could've been?
Should I still my hands for a minute?
Stop the world in a perfect moment, losing myself in it?
Never moving forward, never wanting to look back.
Never have to worry about what will be, and what will come.
But that would mean that my hands will be full.
Unable to make the changes to make me what I am.
Never growing, never learning, never living.
Is that not what Time is for?
If the hands of time were mine,
I shall keep on moving forward.
As it is the only way I shall understand,
how precious Time truly i
:iconundiscoveredmuse:UndiscoveredMuse 17 11


She Sees Stars
She calls me a storm
with her head full of space,
and when she stares
up at the planets
they stare back.
They whisper to her
on different frequencies that
in her mind
like violin strings about to snap.
The universe sings to her.
It begs her
to release its story
into consciousness,
and she -
she closes her eyes and sees stars.
:iconpoetryod:PoetryOD 143 44
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To the Litterers

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 25, 2014, 8:40 AM
Simply writing with this new journal skin while I still can.
Always wanted to have a Free! skin. Don't really know what to write as of now. So I'll just talk about my main worry aside from college and deciding what to do with my life, cuz I'd like to think I use up too much time thinking about it as it is. I swear I'm beginning to develop anxiety. To my point: What happened to Literary Publications?

Now I know I've been off since the holidays and college picked up again. But there hasn't been any new deviations since...the beginning of the year. I even submitted something and the correspondence has expired. That worries me. So much. We were lively, busy, bustling. And now it's at back of my DeviantWatch messages. That just ain't right. I've still been keeping an eye on some of my friends, but it's rather hard to keep track of what they want to be seen or share the most. I miss my LP family. Which brings me to my greatest concern: WHERE IS THAI?!

The absence of our ambitious visionary just strikes so much fear in me. She was always so consistent until seven weeks ago she just went radio silent. And there is no Co-founder to run the group in her place. Without her, our movements stand still. I think we can all agree in terms of progress, we were at the top of our game. Our prompts were awesome. Our dedication was solid. We sincerely cared about each other's welfare.

I don't know about you guys, but we kinda look like sheep without a shepherd. We're just...there. Simply gazing on at the silence of our community. What happened to us guys?!
Sometimes I wonder if we should make another group. Function the same way, all rules and regulations apply. Just until she gets back. She wouldn't have wanted what we've been standing for for half a year to just end like this just because she isn't there. We all have the same dream. We just all need to walk forward towards it side by said, not wait until one of us takes the first step.

Question is....How do we do it?

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Artist | Student | Literature
Let's just say I'm a little girl in a small world. Literally, I'm shorter than most people I know and I'm on a small island, in a small town, learning in a small school. Everyone knows everybody one way or another. I fell in love with art and literature ever since I was a kid. I just never acknowledged my desire to take it as a profession until I was 12. I'm an avid reader. I also suffer from paranoia, so as extroverted as I am, I prefer to stay inside. I'm an Otaku and a daydreamer. And one day I hope to change the world with my writing, and give the people like me another world to escape to.


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